Tunnelling – Elon Musk to revolutionise tunnelling with $10m tunnel for electric vehicles

  • Elon Musk is designing a new boring machine called Prufrock which may tunnel 10x faster than the machines used for his new car tunnel
  • The new electric car tunnel is just 1.14 miles long and cost $10 to build including all internal infrastructure, lighting, communication and video, safety systems, ventilation and track, according to the company
  • Musk estimates that electric cars could run at speeds of 150km through the proposed new tunnels.
  • By comparison, the new Crossrail Elizabeth line is 73 miles in length with 42km of tunnels. Tunnelling progressed at 38m per day taking 3 years to complete using eight tunnel boring machines
  • Crossrail tunnels are 6.2m in diameter vs the Musk car tunnel which is a more modest 3.6m in diameter, though this is clearly adequate for EV purposes.  We suspect you will need a Tesla to use the tunnel.

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