Avima Iron ore’s H1 65% Fe fines is considered a premium grade iron ore and the demand has surged amongst blast furnaces in Asia and Europe.

The company may be sitting on close to 1 billion tonnes of the high grade direct shipping ore at their Avima iron ore deposit in Republic of Congo.

“Avima’s magnitude in both volume and grade makes it a true world class iron ore deposit. Mining conditions couldn’t be better as you have endless volumes of high grade from surface that extends several hundred meters in depth and laterally many kilometres.” Socrates Vasiliades said.

Avima’s grades are in high demand amongst steel mills. There are a number of advantages for steel mills feeding their blast furnaces with Avima’s high grade including lower energy requirements and less emissions into the atmosphere.

Avima intends to ramp up production to over 50 million tonnes per year. A new dedicated railway is required which will take at least 3 years to be built and operational. Kribi port is a new deep sea port with multi purpose and containerized shipping capacity. Avima Iron Ore has long term storage and loading arrangements with Kribi port. “Kribi port being there today and operational is a huge achievement. It means one less large capex spend is out of the way and it takes us closer to creating a new iron ore supply hub in the region.” Socrates Vasiliades said.

Avima is committed to corporate and social programs.  Avima will train the local population so they can  subsequently participate directly in the development of their business. Avima Iron Ore Limited is very focused on giving back to the community. 

Socrates Vasiliades has commented the company adopts practices that are up to international standards and strives to respect the environment. That is a fundamental part of what the company does which is situated in a beautiful and natural environment that host communities, exotic animals and vegetation, they need to ensure the impact on the environment of the mining project is reduced to a minimum.

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