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High Grade Iron Ore Prevails

The premium for higher quality material has expanded significantly over the last two years with the differential between 65% Fe and 58% Fe contracts of more than $50/t. This compares to a less than $10/t premium recorded at the start of 2016. 65% Fe material benchmark price currently hovers around $100/t compared to less than […]

Socrates Vasiliades

Global Demand for batteries multiplies

Global Demand for batteries multiplies Global battery prices have fallen 85% since 2010, BloombergNEF reports in its annual Lithium-Ion Battery Price Survey, and storage is forecast to grow to 14 times its current level by 2030 as millions of electric vehicles hit the roads. BNEF predicts demand will total 1,851 gigawatt-hours in 2030, up from the […]