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Battery News

Next-generation battery race has an early leader in solid state Solid-state technology promises to deliver cheaper, safer batteries to boost adoption of EV’s, although scientists across development hubs in Japan, China and the US are struggling to crack the code. To bring EV’s driving range into line with a full tank of gas, an overhaul […]

EU ordered to reinstate tougher diesel emission rules

The EU’s decision to relax diesel emission rules two years ago was illegal, a lower court of the European Court of Justice has ruled. On Thursday, the court annulled an EU decision that allowed diesel cars to produce “excessively high” nitrogen dioxide levels, upholding a complaint brought by the cities of Brussels, Madrid and Paris […]

Whiskey – more than a third of vintage Scotch Whiskey found to be fake

It’s a scandal set to match DieselGate and the VW emissions scandal. We always wondered how the economics of storing vintage Scotch whiskey worked, Now we suspect it probably doesn’t unless you have allot of old stock that you’ve been trying to shift for years. Advanced radiocarbon dating shows that 21 out of 55 bottles […]

Australia looks to capitalise on US need for ‘critical metals’

Australia looks to capitalise on US need for ‘critical metals Australia is set to sign a preliminary deal with the US to support joint research and development of minerals deemed critical to the US economy, according to government minister. Diversification looks to reduce the dependence on supply for 35 minerals consumed across high-tech industries amid […]

High Grade Iron Ore Prevails

The premium for higher quality material has expanded significantly over the last two years with the differential between 65% Fe and 58% Fe contracts of more than $50/t. This compares to a less than $10/t premium recorded at the start of 2016. 65% Fe material benchmark price currently hovers around $100/t compared to less than […]

Global Demand for batteries multiplies

Global Demand for batteries multiplies Global battery prices have fallen 85% since 2010, BloombergNEF reports in its annual Lithium-Ion Battery Price Survey, and storage is forecast to grow to 14 times its current level by 2030 as millions of electric vehicles hit the roads. BNEF predicts demand will total 1,851 gigawatt-hours in 2030, up from the […]